First Light – Alan Munson

(1979) Parallax Records – Santa Barbara, California

Song List:

  • 1- Sail Away Forever
  • 2 -Down The Road
  • 3- Good Morning World
  • 4- It’s Cold Outside
  • 5- Back On My Own Again
  • 6- It’s Just A Highway
  • 7- Lost The Reason To Fight
  • 8- November
  • 9- A Visit From A Friend
  • 10- Late Night Morning Coffee
  • 11- For A Long Time

All songs written by Alan Munson. All vocals and instruments performed by Alan Munson, except background vocals on “For A Long Time” by Claudia Munson.

The “First Light” album doesn’t easily fit into a music category box. The songs range from Psych rock, to some fairly “laid back” folk-rock, and even a song with a country rock feel. Instruments played on the record include electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass guitar and drums. Lead solos are all played on electric guitar; a “clean” sound on the acoustic based songs and guitar effects were used on the Psych rock songs. Strong lead vocals and background harmony vocals. Lyrics are clear and meaningful.


Good Morning World – Alan Munson

(1975) Parallax Records – Santa Barbara, California

Limited Run Cassette Release

Song List:

  • 1- Good Morning World
  • 2- The Turtle (Moving On)
  • 3- Before It Starts To Rain
  • 4- Fences
  • 5- There’s a New Day
  • 6- The Sun Is Rising In Your Eyes
  • 7- Freedom
  • 8- The First Morning
  • 9- Back To The Canyon

All songs written by, and all vocals / instruments performed by Alan Munson.

“Good Morning World” includes nine original, acoustic based songs with a mellow Psych and folk rock sound across this album. Meaningful and understandable lyrics, delivered by “close-up” lead vocals, and background harmony vocals. Instruments played on the album include 6 string acoustic guitars, 12 string acoustic guitars, electric bass and percussion. Song arrangements include multiple guitar harmony lead solos and fills.



In Debt – Cooley-Munson

(1972) Studio West Records – Santa Barbara, California

Bill Cooley – Lead guitar, bass, guitarone
Alan Munson – Vocals, guitar, drums

Song List:

  • 1- In The Rain
  • 2- Sightly Sue
  • 3- I Need A Change
  • 4- In Debt
  • 5- Bartarego
  • 6- Reflections
  • 7- Never Came Back
  • 8- Where Is The Change
  • 9- One Long Day

All songs written by Alan Munson, except “One Long Day” written by Bill Cooley.

There are nine original songs on the “In Debt” album. The music style is predominantly Psych rock, but also includes songs which have both a folk rock and a bluesy acoustic feel. Instruments on the album include electric and acoustic guitars, electric and acoustic bass (guitarone), drums and other percussion instruments. Effects used in the Psych rock songs include guitar solos with distortion/wah-wah, and some soaring echoed vocals.

The album has strong lead vocals and background harmonies (with many stacked vocal harmony parts on the title cut). The production objective was to record an album with Pop-rock arrangement sensibilities applied to Psych music and experimental sounds.