Since joining his first band at 13 years old, Alan Munson has performed with numerous rock bands over the years as lead vocalist and guitar player, has performed with acoustic guitar/vocal duets, and as a solo artist.

In 1972, he and fellow rock band member, Bill Cooley, recorded and released their first record album entitled “In Debt”. “That album recording experience changed everything,” Munson recalls.”I really enjoyed playing in bands and performing on stage, but I found the recording studio environment to be more musically challenging and creatively rewarding”. Although he continued playing in bands, most of his energy was shifted into recording studio work, songwriting and music composition. That focus led to the recording and release of two “solo” record albums (“Good Morning World” and “First Light”) with all original songs, Munson playing all of the instruments and performing all lead/background vocals. His recording studio work continues, and, to date, he has written and recorded over 400 songs.

Over the last few years, the Cooley-Munson “In Debt” album and Munson’s solo record albums have attracted the attention of the fans/collectors of 1970’s Psychedelic / Psych Folk music. The original vinyl LP album releases are sought after by record collectors who have paid over $800.00 for a single copy of the original albums.

Alan has recently signed with Guerssen Records, based in Catalonia, Spain. In March 2008, Guerssen produced and released the first ever reissues of Alan’s “In Debt”, Good Morning World” and “First Light” record albums. Alan’s latest CD / solo album “The Road Goes On” was released in December 2010.